The measurement of  movements of the wind turbine tower – foundation system.

Due to a problem arising in the case of the older types of anchor belts, namely the excessive movement of the turbine, we decided to meet the demands of our customers and we built a team of engineers to deal with the measurement of movements of the wind turbine tower , including the assessment of the foundations condition.

Such measurements are taken with the use of electronic sensors placed in the tower, which send all the results to the central panel, where they are analysed and transferred to one of the engineers with the aim of comparing them to the standards and norms. Furthermore, final report is prepared and handed over  to the employer.

Depending on the condition of the tower we make a proposal for a repair design and repair works. One of our advantages is that we do not employ subcontractors at any stage of the works but we perform the works by our own means and our own equipment.

It considerably helps to optimize the exchange of information, eliminates any errors arising from misunderstanding and shortens the time of repairs. Moreover, we organise in-house meetings of all the people involved in a particular project  – those who take measurements, make designs and repairs, which facilitates the problem analysis and understanding.

On our customers’ request we perform all project  analyses,  including testing of the continuity of steel structures as well as the reinforcement , foundation and structural analyses.