The complex offers – MONITORING 12, MONITORING 24 and MONITORING 36  are particularly popular among our customers.

Upon signing the MONITORING 12, MONITORING 24 or MONITORING 36  agreement, the Investor is provided with the measurement of  movements of the wind turbine tower,  including uncovering the foundations, cleaning, evaluating the scratches and cracks, on-site visits, as well as the evaluation of the existing insulation and drainage systems.

In the case of MONITORING 12, MONITORING 24 or MONITORING 36  offers, the measurement is taken twice. Upon signing an agreement , depending on the programme, the results are compared with the following ones after 12, 24 or 36 months.

We also offer the LONG TERM MONITORING (LTM) Programme. It is a one-time inspection of the foundations (uncovering and evaluating its condition, scratches, cracks, insulation et.), including measurements and a later annual measurement of movements of the tower for the period of the whole wind farm operation. It enables a continuous and detailed supervision of the investment and an appropriately quick response in case of any damages.

One of the biggest advantages of the LTM Programme is the fact that all the measurements are taken and the analyses are carried out by one company, by means of one measurement method, while all the results are stored in a database, which can be easily accessed by the Investor at any time.