We, the company Acc Bau for many years are building the foundations for the wind turbines. Our foundations are used for turbines manufactured by companies like Vestas, Enercon, Nordex, GE, Gamesa, REpower, Siemens and FWT. Years of experience and hundreds of wind turbines that have been installed on our foundations showed how very important part of the whole process of project implementation is the proper execution of the works of reinforced concrete.

Poor quality of concrete work performed by inexperienced companies, and failure to protect shrinkage cracks and contact of the tower with the foundation, are followed by deepening damage to the foundation. This results in the fact that the tower gets out of plumb more and more (vertical deviation of the tower is exceeding the acceptable limit) and on the foundation you may see growing cracks and splinters.

With our experience, personnel and equipment, in order to meet the expectations of customers who commissioned the incompetent companies to execute work, we decided to expand in our company a department dedicated exclusively to repair badly made grouts and foundations.

On our part the greatest attention is paid to the quality of repairs we do and materials we use to execute contracts and orders. Our goal is to make effective repair and to secure the foundation in as little time as possible, which translates into a reduction in the cost of repairs and trouble-free operation of the turbine for many years.