We repair foundations for wind turbines.

We know that as a result of the poor quality of execution of works of reinforced concrete and if you fail to secure shrinkage cracks and the point of contact of the tower with the foundation, after several years of concrete penetration the by water occurs deeper cracking of concrete and the tower gets out of plumb, and vertical deviation of the tower is exceeding the acceptable standard limit. Often such an event occurs in the case where the anchor rings of the older generation are used in your plant. Our company performs all repair works and procedures to safeguard the foundation against repeated defect or damage.

What can we do for you?

– We can execute any earthworks and drainage work aimed at the unveiling and purification of the concrete surface;
– We can remove the old insulation and filling used for the connection of the tower to the foundation;
– We can provide you with drainage systems along with the discharge of water from the tower outside the foundation;
– We can do inspection drilling in concrete, including taking pictures and high-quality video recording to propose you the best method of repair and refer to the size of the cavities and gaps in concrete;
– We can fill the gaps with resins injected under pressure;
– We can repair shrinkage cracks with resin on the horizontal surface of foundation;
– We can make expansion joints and fill the space between the concrete and tower;
– We can implement insulation of the horizontal concrete surfaces against water;
– We can do the water insulation of place where the ring is in contact with the foundation;
– We can repair and replace GROUT grouting (high strength grouts).

Please note that for all the work we use the highest quality preparations so we can provide you with long-term warranty for our services.


From the beginning of our company we develop the scope of our business so that we can comprehensively fulfil the contracts.

In the case of wind farms one of the elements which we are making for many years is the high strength grouting named GROUT.

We successfully cooperate with many manufacturers grout as Pagel, Basf etc. This ideally allows us to choose the customer-tailored and favourable commercial offer with respect to the product’s price strength and endurance to meet the requirements and objectives established by the foundation designer.

The factors like the structure of the grout applicator, mixing method and system of grout application have an impact on the quality and strength of the grout. Often so far we encountered on construction sites, especially in Poland, some “homemade” methods of GROUT groutings application. The grouts were made by companies that do not have the relevant experience and training – they did it using the mixers, in the concrete mixers, and then the grouts were applied using the buckets, with high content of air. The equipment we have allows us to guarantee the highest quality of work we can do for you.